What is Unique about the Living Root Cellar Cold Press Juice?

– We use a (2) step process where 1.) produce is shredded to a small particle size and then 2.) pressed in a filter

bag to release the juice. Juice is then blended and bottled immediately. This process is natural and does not add

heat. Industry studies show that this method maintains active enzyme activity and nutrients best. It is simple,

pure, and as natural as you can get.

– We use the industry’s first sanitary certified cold press juicer. Your juice only contacts stainless steel and food

grade plastics. Many other cold press juicing facilities use painted, carbon steel machines that are unsafe and

unsanitary. Flecks of paint or rust in your juice? That’s gross.

– We source organic when nature permits for all our fruits and vegetables. If we are unable to source organically,

we source from local farmers and other wholesalers. We always source organically items identified on the “Dirty

Dozen”. We do our best to support our local farming communities.

– We strive to coordinate with our local farmers to harvest and juice on the same day. Limiting the time spent

under refrigeration yields better flavor.

– We wash all our own vegetables and fruits by hand. We pay attention to detail and do not rely on machines.

– We do not grind to make juice. Centrifugal juicers grind to make juice and can at times at heat. Grinding oxidizes

the juice immediately which in turn breaks down enzyme activity immediately.

– We do not hot pasteurize. Hot Pasteurization destroys nearly all nutrients. Juice is heated to about 180F to

destroy all good and bad bacteria and enzymes. This is how to create a shelf stable product with 12 – 16 month

shelf life. This juice then is sometimes fortified to make up for the nutrients and flavor that were lost during


– We do not flash pasteurize. Flash Pasteurization is a method by which juice is heated slightly to about 165F to

kill enzymes and most bacteria to create a 2 – 4 week shelf life in a refrigerator.

– We do not HPP. HPP or High Pressure Processing squeezes bacteria and enzymes to death with high pressure

instead of using heat. Enzymes are dead. This process also submerses a bottle of juice in a water bath during

the pressurization process. If caps are not on tight, process water from the HPP process enters your juice and is

nearly impossible to detect.

– We do not aseptically process. Aseptic processing is a method to filter juice through filters to remove bacteria

and enzymes to bottle at room temperature. This method leaves no enzymes and removes most good and bad

bacteria. After bottling, it is placed in a refrigerator. To create a longer shelf life, a preservative called Velcorin®

is sometimes added that may or may not be on the ingredient label.

We strive to give you the best juice products. If you any further questions or are not completely satisfied with your

juice, please let us know. Thank you.